celebrate easter with us

everyone loves a great story, we long to hear them, tell them, and get lost in them. it’s a part of the fingerprint of our creator on the souls of each of us. but what about your story? what if there’s more to it than the narrative you’re currently living? join us as we look into the scriptures to answer that question and to get a glimpse of your part in the story our heavenly father has been writing all along.

easter sunday, april 1st, 2018

gathering  starts @11am

panorama high school
8015 van nuys blvd.,
van nuys, ca 91402


we gather at the panorama high school every sunday at 11:00am and would like to invite you to join us.

panorama high school
8015 van nuys blvd.
van nuys, ca 91402

parking available


when you arrive you will notice a green ‘starting point’ tent in the campus court yard. if you have any questions at all, this would be the place you will want to start. including information on how and where to check your children into ‘kidspoint’.

if you would like to be personally greeted by one of our members when you arrive, simply fill out the form to connect with one of our members. they will arrange to meet you when you arrive, help you find a seat and answer any questions you might have.

visit the ‘i’m new’ area to find out more about turningpoint church…


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