want to get involved?

there are lots of ways to help the Turning Point run. we would love for you to jump in and give us a hand!


first impressions

you only have one chance to make a first impression!

we do our best to make our guest’s first time at the Turning Point a great experience. from the parking lot to their seats, we are doing our best to make them feel welcome and valued. come lend a hand this Sunday!

contact agustin at agustin.nyc@gmail.com

the greatest sound crew in the world!

we could not have the services we have without the constant sacrifice of these incredible people. if you have a few minutes to spare before or after service, please drop by and wrap a cable or two.

contact chuck at chuckjones71@sbcglobal.net


tech arts

these guys make it all happen for our video cameras, screens, web services and live streams. drop by and start serving in the world of video.

contact techarts@turningpointla.com

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