changed lives

several years ago we made a commitment to help our sister church in El Salvador in any way that they needed. so we started a campaign called ‘strive for 5’ in which our goal was to have every member of our church family to give $5 a week to raise money to help meet their financial needs. beyond the financial needs we have sent several mission teams to El Salvador to help dig water wells, bring medical supplies, help in repairing buildings and just help in any way we could. in the process we have become very close and developed a relationship far beyond what we could imagine. we have become ‘family’ and we are excited to see what God has in store for our brothers and sisters in El Salvador. below are a few of their stories…

if you would like to give to the El Salvador church to help with the continued growth their please click on the button below. you can choose to give a one time gift or enroll in an on going subscription, anything you can give will be put to great use. thank you…

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